Why should I use Apple Pay vs just using my Debit card? Question answered here.

Apple Pay via Apple Watch

So I’ve recently been asked multiple times, “why should I use Apple Pay vs just swiping my card even though Apple Pay is easier”.

One answer,  you never give the merchant you’re paying any personal information when using Apple Pay, when you use your device to pay with, all of your information is between you, Apple and your bank.


Target was recently hit by “hackers” this caused wide-spread panic, banks and credit companies had to scramble to cancel your cards and re-issued new cards with new numbers. 500b3-screenshot2014-10-27at8-07-58pm

In this same situation, if the customer had used Apple Pay, the device used to make the purchase keeps your credit or debit number safe and it would generate a one time use number that is handed to the merchant (Target), the number the merchant get can only be used once for that transaction and it expires.

Also when you swipe that debit card or credit card at the merchant point of sale terminal, the merchant can and will identify you to serve targeted ads (ads that are geared only to you). So if you bought milk and eggs at Walmart and you used that card, then went to Target to buy butter and cheese. Target can see who you are, they can see you went to Walmart earlier to buy items there, then they can see you came to them to buy the rest. All of this information is stored in a database somewhere that keep tabs on your purchase habits. This information is then either sold to advertisers or used in-house to serve you ads etc.

By using Apple Pay, all of this information is private, no merchant can keep tabs on you nor can they target you with their targeted ads.

So in a nutshell Apple Pay (and soon Google wallet and other companies), is safer to use than swiping your debit or credit card.

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