Turn a TV into a full computer with Intel Computer on a Stick

Take your computer everywhere you go

Since the invention of the first computer, man has always wanted to make it as small as we can. With the new age of technology we have now shrunk the computer so small that we take it with us everywhere we go in the form of a smartphone. But at times there is always a need to have a bigger screen to work with vs just a smaller smartphone screen.

For this we historically have taken a portable computer with us and this takes the form of a Laptop. But as of recently there has been the invention of the Raspberry Pi which miniaturize the computer to something that is just as small as a pack of cards.

Recently the Intel corporation has taken that miniature pc to a whole different level with the introduction of the computer on a stick. This device is as small as two packs of gum stacked on each other.

Intel PC on a stick

This device can run a full version of Microsoft Windows or your favourite distribution of Linux such as Ubuntu, Red Had or Mint to name a few.

A fairly simple way to take your computer with you anywhere you go, all you have to do is plug this device right into the HDMI port of a TV or maybe you have a spare monitor lying around. You can use this device with that spare monitor to make it into a computer you can use in the garage or maybe in the kitchen.

A computer this small coupled with a bluetooth keyboardLogitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad and a portable trackpad can be a writers dream machine to travel with. Imagine being cooped up in a hotel room, rather than carrying a Laptop device, you can make use of that TV that is part of the room and turn it into a full computer with such a device.

There is no doubt many uses for a computer this small. I personally would like to run an email server or maybe a web server to host a website. Or how about a Torrent machine to serve up my favorite files. The ideas are endless as to what can be done with something this small.

Think clientBusinesses could make use of something this small as a thin client where you can basically use it as a front end while all of the heavy lifting needed and major processing can be done on a server sitting somewhere offsite or a server closet somewhere remote. 

According to Intel, we can expect to see this beautiful little device in 2015 so we shall wait and see if they deliver on their good promise. It is alleged that the price point for this device will retail for approximately $149.

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