The Daemons and Diabetes

Then and now:

For four months, it’s been a struggle but I’ve managed get my daily testing levels down to 10% or less for a high blood sugar count over the last 3-4 months. A combination of both eating differently (less food at each meal supplemented with more greens) and more exercise (walking a few miles daily or cycling more miles weekly) has helped be achieved the numbers.

Even though I’ve cut out or substituted more of the food I used to eat with high carbohydrates such as brown rice instead of white, whole wheat pasta and breads rather than enriched white flour, less or no sugar in my coffee and teas (based on the creamers I’m using at the time) etc. I’m still eating my normal foods that I would eat before being diagnosed but so much less quantity.

With the combination of the two above I’ve managed to shed about 30-35(+-) pounds over the last 3-4 months which I never realize was possible in such a short time, and it feels good.

The daemons that haunt me:

I’ve been good with not touching any alcohol over the last 4 months, which is not a big deal since I was never a big consumer of alcohol anyway. Only consume moderately in a gathering with friends and family. I’m not one to consume any alcohol by myself or even when I consume when with friends that I would become drunk. I have had total self-control when it comes to my drinks. Back then when I did consume, it was a moderate mixture of wine, beers and liquor.

Being afraid of trial and errors:

Over the last four months, at times I’ve wanted to have a small glass of wine or maybe a beer (not feeling the liquor part recently because I know the kind of damage it will cause) when out at a gathering with friends and family but I’ve resisted the urge over time because of being scared of not knowing how it will affect my numbers.

At times in a gathering or celebration I don’t feel left out but I feel like I am being rude to the hosts and others by choosing a bottle of water over a glass of wine. As much as the group might be understanding I still feel as if I’m being really rude. It’s not a matter of peer pressure since most of the ones around me understand.

I would still like to enjoy that one or two glasses of wine but I’m scared out of my mind as to what my numbers will be after and not being able to make those numbers go back down to what I would like for days or weeks to come.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot or scientific analysis on the relation between having that one drink and the effects on the body, while most say it is safe to have a drink or two, the side notes is what have gotten me scared such as; “Wear your medical ID bracelet at all times.” and “Carry a carbohydrate source, like glucose tablets, with you in case of a low blood sugar.” from the different sites.

As confused as I am, I am thinking of trial and error troubleshooting mode soon, by having a glass of wine to see how my body will react via lots of blood testing before I make my final decision on how to treat this issue.

I am still open to finding out how friends and family who is also diagnosed with diabetes and how they approach this situation.

Yes, the struggle is real!

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