The cars are getting smarter- Tesla Model S

As we forge forward in the future, we as humans are trying our best to drop the dependency on fossil fuels and one of the best things that has come along has been the introduction of the Tesla Motor company. Tesla found Elon Musk is not the first person to toy with the idea of an all electric vehicle, as early as the 1800s electric vehicles were being toyed with, but it was not until recently with the introduction of the Tesla cars did the industry take off. Now even the bigger, badder Ferrari, Porsche & Lamborghini are adding electric assist to their fleets. Looking at the industry we can clearly see that electric vehicles are the future.

There is only one thing that most people looking at an electric vehicle care the most about and that is the range. Range anxiety is one of the biggest thing right now that is holding a lot of people back from buy an electric vehicle.

But as of this week Tesla and Elon Musk released a new software update to their famed Tesla Model S sedan that would curb the range anxiety most have. They are doing this by making the car software calm the driver in a number of different ways. These range from the car plotting the routes that would allow the driver to always be in a close proximity to a charging station, to being smarter about the weather to better conserve on energy, such as taking into consideration the temperature, wind speed, incline , etc.

Hopefully all of these improvements will help owners make better decisions on charging and give new buyers the peace of mind they are looking for when looking at new electric vehicle purchases.


via Tesla Model S gets new software to ‘end range anxiety’ | Digital Trends.

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