Big Name Battle- We Loose

I’ve flipped and flopped over the years when it comes to owning computers. Stated as a Microsoft Windows user, then off to Linux for a few years and now all in on Apple hardware and software.

I’ve been told over and over again, forget the Apple TV as a streaming box, get a Roku streaming box, no wait, get an Amazon Fire Stick. So up comes Cyber Monday, we got the Home a FireStick from Amazon as a streaming box for the Guest room TV.

Fast forward one week later and two of the biggest software/hardware companies are battling over who needs to be more dominant.

That said Google decided to pull it’s YouTube application from all of Amazons streaming devices. With that, one of the applications that is most used in our house, gone!

Now what am I supposed to do? Guess it’s back to drawing board, maybe back to another Apple TV box.

From Paper to Glass- Me Reading the News.

Taking some time just to realise how far we’ve come in the world of technology. I remembered as a kid growing up in a third world country, my father always said that one day we are all going to walk around with computers in our pockets and we will sit at the breakfast table and have our morning papers delivered to us before we are awake and there would be no paper vendor bringing it to us or nor would we have to go out and get that morning paper.

Fast forward now to my mid adult life and I’m happy to see that he wasn’t wrong (as much as he didn’t make it this far to see it happen) I’m glad to be living in a time where I can have my morning cup of coffee and read the morning news on a slab of glass and aluminium.

As he did, I am turning into my father, as I’m telling my child that one day she might be reading the news in some weird foreign object and who know she might not even be on this planet reading the news in the far future.

Here is to hoping I’m right and maybe be able to see that happen one day.

But as for now, I am happy to see technology moving as fast as it is.

How To SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ | via Redmond Pie

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Insane! That is all I can say. 
Montana state Senator Scott Sales appears to view cyclists as an invasive species. In the wake of killing a bicycle-safety bill earlier this year, the Bozeman Republican now wants to slap a $25 fee on out-of-state riders by tacking an amendment onto SB 363, a bill about invasive species management. Continue reading “This Montana Senator Wants to Tax Every Cyclist Who Visits the State | via Bicycling Magazine”