My Rant About The Results & Current Situations

Watching the news makes me sick now, marching, protesting etc, for what? We had our chance to make our voices to be heard. The majority picked this man to be the next leader.
Stress Meme
Stress meme
Accept that the majority has made the decision, we will have to make the best of what we have and move on.
4yrs ago we voted a man with a funny name again in there for a second term, the other side accepted this and we moved on, we all survived that 8yrs, we will survive the next 4.
Also the 20+k people who went out and spent hours waiting to vote for a dead mammal, there others that voted for some fictional person by writing their names in there, these are the people we have to blame, they’re the ones we should be upset with. 
Be rational, look at the bigger picture, lets all come together and put the energy we are using to protest a lost cause, let’s do something good for others with that energy.
If each of the people protesting out there put $1 and pool all that money together, lets take it and feed the homeless in protest.
I am tired, tired of hearing about the elections and now post elections. Lets move on! Remember the law says we should present a smooth transition to the new government.
Lets make that happen!