Shields Up! – Protect yourself while you’re mobile people (Android Protection)

Do I need protection for my device?

I get this question at least two to three times weekly. Friends that are casual users of mobile device, whether it is a tablet, phone or Android on the TV, or believe it or not even the Apple users ask this question.

In short the answer is really NO you don’t! These devices basically for the most part look out for themselves and monitor in the background.

Android Protection

But if you consider yourself one who venture outside of the approved application store to do what is called, “side loading” of applications where you would basically download an application from a third party website and load it on your device I would recommend having a look at some kind of protection for you device.

This goes for even the Apple users of Mac OS X on your iMacs or MacBooks. Currently, there is no need for or any antivirus protection available for the iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPods). This is due to the fact that Apple has a team of people that inspect each and every application that is on the iOS app store.

That said, remember no one is immune to some kind of exploit. It can affect all devices from Apple to Android to Windows.


Follow the link below to Android central for more information on ways to protect your Android device.

Five basic steps for protecting your Android device from viruses | Android Central.

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