Review: Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker

OontZ Angle Review

Looking for a good bluetooth streaming speaker to take with you on your next trip while on vacation on a cruise or maybe you want a little speaker that is highly portable that you could listen to while in the bed or maybe in the bathroom while at the same time keeping it under $50?

I too was in this boat, looking around for a speaker that is portable, has great battery life and to top it off still has great sound. After looking for months, testing all different brands and spending numerous hours in a Best Buy store and local guitar shops. I finally settled on a speaker that fit all of those needs plus the need for quality music (great sounding).

I finally found the one I’ve been looking for, the OontZ Angle. This is a little bluetooth speaker manufactured by a well-known speaker company called Cambridge SoundWorks.
OontZ Angle Bluetooth speaker

Here are some specifications on this speaker:


  • Ultra lightweight – just under 9.1 oz (258 grams)
  • Length just 5.31 in (135 mm)
  • Height is  just 2.67 in (68 mm)

Bluetooth Specifications:

  • The OontZ Angle can playback music wirelessly from most Bluetooth enabled devices that support A2DP* and AVRCP* these devices include: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and most MacBook Pro or PC laptops.
  • *A2DP stands for advanced audio distribution profile;


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges from micro USB connector cable (charging only cable included)
  • Up to 12 hours play time when fully charged and playing at about 2/3 of full volume level.**
** Results may vary
What’s in the box:
  • The OontZ Angle –Ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Micro USB connector charging cable (charging use only, not for data)
  • 3.5mm Audio line-in cable
  • The OontZ Angle User Guide

This device also supports HFP (Hands Free Profile), which means that you can use this device as a speaker phone when needed. There is a mic on the backside of the device that allows you to make or answer incoming calls.

How does it sound?

Looking at the size of this little speaker and the two little drivers sitting behind that black grill one would say that this device looks like it would produce lack luster sound, but this is not the case. I have put this speaker through the paces and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound. The sound was clear and crisp, the mids and highs were tight and well-defined. You can distinctly hear the instruments in the background while listening to certain music.

As someone who enjoys all genre of music, this device was tested with genres that range from classical music, jazz, R&B, reggae dancehall and even some dubstep thrown in there also.

I must say, if you are coming into this looking for deep bass you are looking at the wrong device. This device has just enough lows to compliment the mids and highs without overpowering it or distorting the sound quality. Even at higher volumes close to the max output this device still does not distort the sound coming out of the drivers.

So how about the build quality

Holding this small device in the palm of your hands you would think it would weigh way less than it actually looks. There is a little heft in comparison to the way it looks. This heft comes from the solid build quality. On a daily use this devices was tossed into my tech bag and has gone to places from the beach to the deck of a cruise ship or the steamy shower of a bathroom with no issues.

The matte finish on the outside is a soft touch plastic/rubber surface that does not scratch easily. Also the front grill of the device is amazingly sturdy, after being tossed around no bruising or bending of the grille has happened so far.

There are three control buttons on the backside of the device that controls the volume and speakerphone function, there is also an on/off toggle, aux in, micro usb and a charge indicator LED light that are all well-built.

Ok so what about the pros and cons

As far as pros and cons go there are one of each I have found so far and these are:


There is a constant on LED light situated in the dead centre under the grille on the front of the device which can be annoying to some. The light is constant blue of the device is powered on and there is no way to turn it off. So if you are going to use this on the nightstand in a dark room. The blue glow can become annoying after a while.


So the biggest pro for this device can be found in the price, yes the price. This device MSRP is $69 but can be found online for as low as $27. At that price with the quality of sound there is no way you could go wrong with one or more of these devices if you’d like to have something a little louder than your phone or tablet or portable computer.

This speaker also comes in a variety of colors.

So in conclusion, if you are really interested in a bluetooth speaker for a damn cheap price but with a high quality build and excellent sound. Look no further than the #OontZ Angle.

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