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The headline lately: iPhone Thefts Have Declined Dramatically In London, NYC And SF, Thanks To Apple’s Activation Lock

But what if you don’t have an iPhone or Apple device? Well not to worry, there are options out there that would help you in the event your device should get stolen. There are a few options available out there to help find your device, and one of the best ones I’ve found to work is called Prey and this is what they are touting.


“Protect your devices from theft. Prey lets you keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever missing, whether you’re in town or abroad. Open source, proven software with hundreds of documented recoveries all around the world.”

What is Prey and how does it work? Prey – in short is a piece of software that you installwpid-screenshot2015-02-11at17-29-17-2015-02-11-13-59.png on our device, whether its an Android phone or table, or maybe you might have a Windows PC, not to worry its all covered. wpid-sms-commands-2015-02-11-13-59.jpg

So you like the idea of Prey, whats next? Well it’s fairly simple to use this piece of software, just a few steps and you’re up and running. Sign up for an account, install the application on the devices you want to use it on, sign in and tweak away. In short this piece of software will stay running in the background at all times, if your device should get misplaced, you simply sign into the web interface to add your devices and configure the preferences for each device.

wpid-screenshot2015-02-11at17-09-55-2015-02-11-13-59.png As seen from the screenshot above, this is where you can see an overview of all of your devices. If you should lose your device you can select that single device and click on the “Set device as missing” mode (lost mode). There are also a few other options you can take advantage of when placing device in Lost Mode, owner can opt to play a sound on the device remotely, send a message to be displayed on the device screen or lock the device so no one have access to this device. wpid-screenshot2015-02-11at17-11-01-2015-02-11-13-59.png While managing your device you can also adjust your device to connect to any wi-fi that is open in the area vs only trusted wi-fi locations. This could come in handy if the person carrying the device happen to go by a coffee shop etc that has an open wi-fi connection. wpid-screenshot2015-02-11at17-15-57-2015-02-11-13-59.png Setting the device in lost mode will allow you to choose how frequent that device should phone home to report its current/last location.

What about my mobile device? Not to worry mobile users, there is also an application for you, there is an Android application available and works pretty much the same way the desktop application works and does the same thing the desktop version does allowing you to see where your device is located, sound an alarm and even wipe the device remotely. So in conclusion, if you are not currently using any software to locate and wipe your device, you’re doing it wrong. Take some timeout to research this type of antitheft protection etc. It might come in handy one day.

For more information on Prey and how it works, click here to visit their site.

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