Pay at the Pump – wireless payment, where are we heading?

More Options Please:

As we go along, more and more options are available for the use of ApplePay and more banks are coming online providing options to use ApplePay. But what I am not seeing is more merchants getting on the bandwagon. Recently I found myself going slightly out of the way to make purchases using ApplePay vs swiping my card and entering a pin code.

For example if there is a Walgreens on one side and CVS was on the other side of the street, as an ApplePay user I would rather go across the street to that Walgreens that use that POS.

At the Pump:

What I am hoping to see is more of the gas station merchant using the Wireless payment method, whether it’s the use of Google Wallet or ApplePay (the two big names right now) terminals at the gas pump would be a big leap forward. Not only would this option be more secure and faster and more accurate but it would also be so much more convenient to us the end user.

Recently in the local news in Florida, it was found that there were card skimmers installed that would capture your card data to be used by the scammers. By using the wireless payment terminal, this would greatly reduce this risk.

Hopefully we can see more and more tap to pay options become available to the public soon.

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