$399 App for FREE- Google Earth Pro is free today.

Here is an amazing application and service from Google for totally free  weather you’re a teacher, student or just a geek. This application is a must, and going from $399 to a price of free for a limited time it is a no brainer.

Google Earth Pro

Follow the link to the article below to claim your free version.

Google Earth Pro Now Available For Free, Previously $399 Per Year | iPhone in Canada Blog – Canada’s #1 iPhone Resource.

Ferrari SF-15T will look to reclaim former F1 glories in 2015

And here we are folks, looks like Ferrari is following along with Mercedes from earlier today with their new chassis for 2015.


Ferrari SF-15T will look to reclaim former F1 glories in 2015.

New Merc Unveiled – my thoughts

As with last season of F1, Mercedes dominated most of the season. I hope they can repeat the same feat again this year. The real question really is, can Lewis Hamilton really hold off Nico Rosberg in this year F1 championship for the crown?

I think personally Lewis can make this a back to back championship after coming out last year as the top man. But there is still the one person no one is talking about yet, and that person is Sebastian Vettel.

I think Sebastian is the sleeper here, in a brand new car and a brand new team, he has to now prove himself worthy of taming the stallion. By the end of the 2015 season, It might come down to these three guys as the finalist for the championship. I guess we have to wait and see now.

Below is the link to the unveiling of the new Mercedes check it out. Looks pretty badass I must say.

Mercedes out to defend its F1 crown with new W06 Hybrid Silver Arrow.

Automatic resume writing and updating? Yes please!

This is a brilliant idea, having your resume pulled from your LinekdIn profile. The only problem is, you still have to go update your profile over there in LinkedIn.

But I guess once it’s done and over with you are basically killing two birds with one stone.

Check out the link for the Lifehacker article that will break this down in more details.


Creddle Makes a Customized Resume from Your LinkedIn Account.

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