My trip down the road of Pebble. (smartwatch)

Pebble- after watching this company for a long time on the kickstarter website and being very interested in the wearable tech. I decided to give the Pebble smartwatch a try in December of 2014.
I must say that I went into this Pebble-iPhone relationship thinking I will just give this a shot for about a few months or so until Apple unveil/release the much anticipated Apple Watch. But after wearing the Pebble for a few months I’ve grown to like this freaking piece of tech.

The Pebble basic layout and ease of use, plus the added bonus of 4-5 days on a single charge has reeled me in and has me hooked. I am so hooked that I’m really thinking of skipping the first generation of the Apple watch altogether. Can you believe that? Coming from an Apple Fanboy, no way.

Being able to glance down at my wrist in a meeting to read and dismiss a notification of text message, or maybe how about packing the dishwasher and being able to dismiss or answer an incoming call (Bluetooth headset on).

As much as I am anticipating the Apple Watch to the wearable game, I have to say with the news of recent that Pebble has a new watch and interface on the roadmap for 2015 it has me second guessing the Apple watch purchase.

Click here for an article on the site for a more in depth article on the Pebble Roadmap


So in short if you or anyone you know wants to get into the wearable. I would highly recommend the Pebble Smartwatch.

With all of things mentioned above plus many other things such as tracking my sleep or steps with the Pebble and having it recorded in Apple Health App, also checking in via Swarm or skipping currently playing track on my iPhone.

It is totally worth it.

Reclaim precious space on your iOS device with this new app.

Like me, many of us have or know someone who now has a 16Gb iOS devices. It may be an iPod or an iPhone or maybe an iPad.

Weather Whether it’s photos or cache from applications like instagram or facebook, or maybe you’re a gamer. It really don’t matter what you use your device for, most applications will

use up space on your device.

It might be application data to make the app run or it might be what is known as cache data.

We have all ran into the issue where we would run out of available storage.


Fear not! There is a new app in town to help you reclaim some of that wasted space.

Check out the link below for a limited time free application that can get that free space back.

This Mac app makes saving space on your iOS device a snap.




What is a Raspberry Pi? | Raspberry Pi-New Specs Same old price.

Looks like everyone is in the upgrading mood lately.

Over the atlantic the good people in Britain today unveiled a new Raspberry Pi model with amazing new specs.

New processor and more memory is a welcome boost to the little computer that so many use on a daily basis for small task and when paired with other Raspberry Pi, you can create a very powerful server.

Raspberry Pi

With this new update comes the ability to run full versions of Microsoft Windows 10, along with one of the geek favorite operating system Ubuntu Linux.

I guess everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on the more powerful device since it is current sold out.

What is a Raspberry Pi? | Raspberry Pi.

What happened to Ebola?

United States Of America and The United States national media syndications made a big hard push and in my opinion a scare tactic for what was at the time a world wide epidemic that is the Ebola Virus outbreak.

All of the major news outlets made it look like all of America should hunker down because it looks like this might be the big one that will take out half the nation.

Now about six months later, where are all the cases of Ebola and all the patients there were being monitored etc? What happened to all of this?
To me it feels like the media was trying to steer us In the direction they wanted as such they sensationalise all of these stories that is presented to us and try to manipulate the American society.

Why is there not any more coverage on this topic?
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$399 App for FREE- Google Earth Pro is free today.

Here is an amazing application and service from Google for totally free  weather you’re a teacher, student or just a geek. This application is a must, and going from $399 to a price of free for a limited time it is a no brainer.

Google Earth Pro

Follow the link to the article below to claim your free version.

Google Earth Pro Now Available For Free, Previously $399 Per Year | iPhone in Canada Blog – Canada’s #1 iPhone Resource.