Getting closer to the end of this ok week

Getting closer to the end of this ok week. Ready to get back home for some good home cooked food and my own bed. Still lots to do before EOW

Microsoft Office + iCloud = happy customers.

Microsoft caught slipping

Microsoft over the years has been loosing its edge with the wider tech world under the helm of Steve Balmer. If we go back about 3-5 years in the past Microsoft looked like a sinking stone. But recently the company went through a change.

Now under the careful watch of their new CEO Satya Nadella 

Microsoft CEO – Satya Nadella

they are reinventing themselves. Most recently the announcement of Microsoft Windows 10 along with a slew of other software and other new pieces of hardware such as their Hololens has shown that Nadella is doing something right. After taking the wheel we can clearly see that he is turning the company around into the correct lane. After test driving Windows 10 for a few mins, any user can see that the new-Microsoft is taking the feedback from their users seriously and implementing it as requested.

Microsoft and iOS

The new Microsoft is really taking it to the next level now. They announced recently that the Apple iOS version of their Office Suite (Excel, Word & Power Point) will now be able to read and write files directly to third-party cloud services such as Apple iCloud, along with Box integration and a few others will be added soon.

Office for iPad

This is great news for the iOS users that love the Microsoft Office suite. You no longer have to save a file on a computer then try to figure out how to transfer these files to your iPad or iPhone etc so it could be read or written to on the go.

Android users, not to worry. According to a recent Mashable post it looks like Microsoft is hard at work to bring the same to that platform.

Office for Android

By doing this, they have shown that companies can break the barriers down that separate them. They can make great software and make it available on just about any platform you would like to use it on. Hopefully this will foster more and more competition and thus more and more innovative ways to use existing devices.

Well done Microsoft, keep pushing the boundaries.


via Microsoft Office for iOS now lets you save to Apple’s iCloud.

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Apples that don’t turn brown when you cut it- Nope!

Would you eat an Apple that would not turn brown if you should cut it and left outside for a few hours?

Nope! Me neither.

I think the genetic engineers are pushing the boundaries of food modification in the western hemisphere a little too far.
To think that we can have a hamburger from a big name company that would not rot for months at a time, or that french fry that missed the biggest hole in your face while you we were driving and fell under your seat. Then two years down the line you happen to clean that car and that fry still looks like it did the day it fell there.

I think all the genetic modifications are starting to add up and we can see the effects on the human body now with all the toxins in their causing obesity.

Think about this, what if all the modifications and preservatives that is added to food we consume on a daily basis. What happens when our bodies try to break the preservatives down in the digestive process then absorbs them into our blood streams? When we are laid to rest do you think the decay process is the same as it was three decades ago? The answer in short is no, because the deceased laid to rest with the preservatives in the body takes longer to decay than the more organic ones.

Think twice about eating out daily, make it a weekly thing or a bi-weekly thing. Eat out once per month, save some money, cook fresh. 

Read more about this via New frontier in apples: Red or golden but never brown –

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Pebble 2.3.0 is live for Android and it has some amazing features.

via Pebble 2.3 goes live with Android Wear notification and interaction support | Android Central.

Pebble Steel

Pebble and Android users, rejoice. There is a new update for you waiting (if you haven’t updated already). So stop reading now and go get it.

If you’re still reading – quoting Pebble “If you can do it with Android Wear, you can do it with Pebble.

Pebble Android App 2.3.0 Release Notes:

  • Android Wear Notifications. Reply and act on Android Wear notifications (requires Firmware v2.9+). See for full details.
  • Pebbler-defined replies. Set your own replies to notifications (up to five, so get creative, buddy!).
  • Reply from Pebble using most Android-compatible SMS messaging apps.
  • Automatic app and watchface updates when Pebble is idle.
  • Support for Android 4.0+ devices.
  • Fixed Issues with Whatsapp notifications.
  • UTF-8 support in PebbleKit JS.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Download 2.3.0 from the Google Play Store.
Pebble Notification responses.

Check out notifications in action in the video below. 


Err what? No more commercial drones?

via FAA’s proposed drone rules knock Amazon’s Prime Air plans | Digital Trends.

FAA decision to make it illegal to fly a drone outside of line of sight will not change the plans sought out by Amazon and other big retailers who were hoping to get delivery faster to you.

This will also have a severe impact on the movie industry also, since they more and more use the drones for action sequences.

I guess we have to wait and see how this plays out for the future since Amazon has called on the government to look into the plans to stop then, citing that this is severely impacting their business.

Have a read at the above mentioned article for more information.