My Trialling But Rewarding Week.

A week filled with trials and news of both good and bad.

Bathroom woes:

It’s the end of the month and end of a very tense stressful and also rewarding week. Started off with phase one of a two-part DIY project for remodeling the master bathroom in our house. But by midweek we were falling behind on where we should’ve been. After a few little hiccups, I finally put the finishing touches on phase one which was to rip out all of the tiles and drywall from the bathroom and replace it with concrete board and new tiles. Second phase involves ripping out the cabinets and floor tiles, which will be started in the near future.

Life changing news:

After complaining for a while of a pain in my neck and left shoulder a doctor visit was needed. MRI and Blood work was ordered looking for the reason for the pain. Mid week call from the doctor office was unexpected and urgent. The results were in, looks like C6 & C7 cervical disc were herniated in my neck, but there was nothing that can be done at this point to make it better but to be told it will get much worst because of one simple fact.

The scientific name for this is Cervical Radiculopathy.

What is Cervical Radiculopathy?

That fact? Well apparently I’ve been diabetic for a while now, and my glucose levels were off the charts while fasting, as such on a regular day it might be up to three times as much. So that said, that would make me full on diabetic.

Now its going to take some work to get the disease controlled. I will have to need to learn about and take on a strict diet, while adding exercise and medication.

This is going to be a difficult weeks and months ahead of me trying to change my life all around, but it has to be done so its time to make that change.

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