Mobile Payment Saved my ass!!

Mobile Payment saved my ass!!

If you were like me and was skeptical about when you would  use mobile payments and how would it work then you’re in luck because I tried it out.

Do I need to tell the cashier that I’m going to use a phone to pay? What do I do when I am asked for my payments?

Not to worry I was also in the same boat recently after I forgot my wallet with my cards at home last Sunday while out shopping for home repair supply at a local hardware store.

Half way through shopping as I reached down (as with old habits) to check my pocket for my wallet ( I check from time to time to make sure it is still there after being pick pocketed once), I couldn’t feel my wallet there. Then that sinking feeling stepped in, yes that same feeling we all get when we are missing something expect to be there.

Of course with a cart full of stuff I need, what do I do now? Drive all the way home to get this wallet and come back?

Nope! I remembered I had a mobile payment setup on my device (phone), next question is – now does this place accept my form of mobile payment? That’s whContactless Paymenten I started looking around for that familiar sign, the one that shows “Tap to Pay accepted here”.

Yes, I’m in luck, they do accept contactless payment. So I decided that I will give this a try.  So as I gathered my things up and proceeded to the checkout. The cashier checked my items out and was ready for the payment.

I discretely tapped my device on the payment terminal, it asked for my fingerprint and two seconds there was a receipt in my hands. This form of payment worked flawlessly. Even better than I expected.

Keep in mind this is not the first time I have used the tap to pay feature, I have used it before but mainly on soda machines that I knew accepted it and wanted to test it out. This was the first time I was in a bind and had no other form of payment and it saved my ass.

What is contactless payment?

Many might ask, what is this “Contactless Payment/Tap to Pay”. In a nutshell most major phone manufacturer has what is called NFC (Near Filed Communication) built into their device, which is basically a small chip that emits a low frequency output that could only be used if both the terminals are really close and touching (tap). Tapping the device on the payment terminal will initiate the payment.

The device (Phone) will have an application which has all of your credit or debit cards store in it, as you tap to initiate the payment. This automatically launches that application to choose the card you want to pay with. Then continue the payment process as normal. Now not all of the different options work pretty much the same way. Some might have a default card stored etc, so results may vary.

Who has contactless payment?

Currently this tech is being developed and worked on by the major tech companies such as Google whose contactless option is called Google Wallet. Google Wallet Logo

Like with the others, with this service you have to make sure it is setup correctly to make payments.

There is also the option of ApplePay, developed by the Apple company. While Google wallet has been around a while, Apple is the new comer to the game with their form of mobile payment. ApplePay works in the same way the Google wallet system works. Look for the logo to tap to pay.

ApplePay Logo

While this may be the future of payment, there are may other options out there that is being toyed with, the Walmart corporation current has formed an alliance to start another payment option which is currently under development.

PayPal Logo

There is also PayPal mobile, which is a little more complicated in the way you use it. Typically the places that offer PayPal as an option will have you type in a username or an email to access PayPal at their terminal, after which PayPal will send you a code to your mobile device to complete the payment option.
PayPal is not offered in many places.


There are many, many other forms of mobile payment available which will take a lot of time to get into. I suggest looking into them for more education on how it works.

But for now, I suggest if you have a device that support NFC and Tap to Pay/Contactless payment. Take that jump and plunge right in and give it a shot. Set it up and forget about it, then like me, the one time you really need it.


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