Lenovo Superfish bug and Removal

What is Lenovo Superfish bug?

According to this article posted on  Cnet, Lenovo portable computers were shipped from the factory with a piece of software that puts the users data at risk wide open on the internet. 

According to the article, the software (bug) came pre-installed on the Lenovo portables from the factory. This piece of software injected it’s own ads into the users search stream, so when a user would initiate a search on the internet, the software would then take over and serve the user ads they would not otherwise be seeing, thus altering the stream. By doing this, it opens up ports that would often be closed on the computer.

With a piece of software sitting on the device, allowing others to have access to your device, this is called a man-in-the middle attack. 

Even though this man-in-the middle attack was originally meant to serve the user ads by spying on the users internet traffic, it could potentially open up a whole world of new possibilities for the users information by serving that information up to other third parties.

Lenovo was last year number one selling laptop manufacturer, which sold some 16 million computers worldwide. With this much being sold around the world we can expect a slow rollout for of a fix.

What is being done to fix this bug

By the end of the day, late Friday afternoon the PC maker apologized for the snafu and announced that it is working with well-known antivirus company McAfee and Microsoft corporation to fix this bug by either quarantine or removing it altogether. Lenovo was quoted as saying: “We messed up badly,”.

Microsoft – Windows Defender which an anti malware and antivirus programme manufactured by the Microsoft corporation as part of protecting Windows, is said to have been updated recently to scan for and eliminate the Superfish bug on affected devices.

How do I know if I have this bug and where is Microsoft Defender?

If you have a Lenovo device and would like to check to see if you are affected by this Superfish bug, you can follow the link below to see if you are affected.

Also included is a link to the Microsoft Windows Defender site where you can download their software to rid your system of this nasty bug. Windows Defender


Lenovo official support for Superfish bug

Superfish bug scan

Windows Defender


via Lenovo’s Superfish security snafu blows up in its face – CNET.

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