Lenovo – Another rough patch.

Looks like it’s Lenovo turn to go through the rough patch.


A few days ago Lenovo computer company was under the microscope for shipping what is now classified as adaware, on their portable computers with would hijack a customers search and inject their own ads.
While this might not sound so bad, the users of that device would also be opened up to the rest of the world to third-party hackers and attacks.

Well looks like the tables has turned for Lenovo over the past day or two, if you or anyone had visited Lenovo website, instead of finding the typical display of computers and support and downloads etc. You would have found a slide show of random people on their site instead.

Along with the slide show you would’ve also heard that there was also background music playing and the song was “Breaking Free” from High School Musical.Capture of slide show on Lenovo website.

Source code left on the site points to and identified it as, “the new and improved rebrand Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey,” who so far has been identified as prominent members from the hackers Lizard Squad group.

I guess we have to wait and see what’s next for Lenovo. It will take a while to gain the publics trust again. Looks like sales revenue is going to slump in 2016.

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