Land of the Free : Because of the Brave

As I sit here on my day off, reading the morning news in the bright sunshine of the Florida sun. I have to remind myself that all of this, the American Dream as some call it could not have been this easy and life could not have been this good if it were not for those men and women of the American Armed forces that bravely fought for the freedom of this country.

Some has left their family behind to fight on our behalf so we can be free, some has left our soil to never return again to their family. 

America the great is what we call it, but lets take some time out to be grateful to these brave men and women who has lost their lives to keep us safe and free. And for those service men and women out there right now we salute you and we thank you for your service.

Please take the time out to educate our younger ones on what the observation of Memorial Day means. Let them understand that some people died so we can live.

Have a safe Memorial Day to all family and friends.

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