I am such a douchebag troll

Here is why:

Ordered replacement glucose strips for my glucose meter. Amazon promised delivery today but never delivered. I decided it’s time to find out what happened. So I chat with an Amazon rep. 

Long story short, she apologised for the inconvenience caused, so I said it was ok no big deal. 

Then my troll face kicked in. 


I told her that I depend on this to control my diabetes and without it I can’t test and I can and might go into a diabetic coma. And when that happens I may die tonight all because she couldn’t get me the strips I needed. And went on to say that I have the chat on file as proof that her and Amazon made me die. 
LMAO- of course at the end of the conversation I told her I was only joking and it was all good because it was just an inconvenience and shit happens. Lol life goes on. 


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