Google I/O – My Favourite Items

Google I/O - 2015

Google I/O is about to wrap up today, so far though they’ve released some very awesome tech such as the Jump-360 which is the 360° camera configuration that records video on 16 cameras (anything from point and shoot to go-pro) and play that back in the new Google Cardboard that was announced for iOS that has already been available on Android for a year.

Google Cardboard (VR):wpid-pastedgraphic-2015-05-29-09-39.png

Google cardboard, now what the heck is that? Well, it’s Google take on the Virtual Reality world or “VR” as it’s known as in the tech sphere. Basically In a nutshell, it’s a piece of cardboard that you fold into a box shape, then you slide either an android or iOS phone (specific model required) then strap this on your face for an immersive experience of 360° view. Kind of a modern day viewfinder.

Google On Tap:

Next up is the one that really excites me, this is the Google On Tap (a Google now button). Anyone who has been using a Google Android device should already be familiar with the Google Now cards (this is where Google scan your daily life and make predictions on what you would want to see next and present that info to you, such as check in info or boarding pass). Google On Tap is Google now on steroids, it’s a button that’s always visible on the screen that servers up contextual information while you go about using your phone as normal. An example of this can be listening to music for instance, as you listen to a song, they little button on the bottom will pull information that will be relevant to that song such as the artist info, or tour dates and ticket info , etc.

Google On Tap can become a game changer in the everyday users life making the Android experience so much better.

Google Photos:

If you’re a photo buff (I am) then this new Google feature will appeal to you. Google historically has the photos project coupled with the Google + pages and like me others who love the photos concept always wanted it to be a stand alone one and not coupled with the Google+ side of things.

Well, fret no more, Google at this I/O announced that it now has a stand along Photos project, so that means you can have photos by itself and not have to use Google+ just to get the awesome photos.

With the introduction of Google Photos they introduced a new tier of storage capacity to host all of your photos and that tier is…. Unlimited storage for photos. That means that it don’t matter how much pictures or videos you have, they will uploaded and stored on the Google servers all for the price of…. Free, yes free.

Now for the tech side of Photos. As much as you have an unlimited amount of storage, there are a few limitations. Each photo file is still limited to a max file size of 16 mega bite each. While the videos are limited to only 1080p (sorry all you 4K shooters hopefully they will change that soon).
The best part of all this is that, when your photos are uploaded to the Google Photos severs, their photos algorithm will then jump in and sort them for you (auto awesome them). You can then sort by faces or category such as food, or places , etc.

Like me I know a lot of others can’t wait to try this out. Look out Flickr-Google Photos is right behind you.

Google Pay:

Now they have made it much easier to use the Google Pay and Google wallet features that has been around for a long time. Like other big name companies, they have made it now work with just a simple Tap to Pay vs a wpid-pastedgraphic1-2015-05-29-09-39.pngbig drawn out process of launching an app, selecting payment method, using a pin to verify you etc before you can tap to pay.

Now in line with the rest of the industry, all you do is tap, verify your identity and in a few short seconds your good to go with your purchase right out the door.

Google ATAP:

Not to be confused with Google On Tap, but the ATAP piece of this is where Google is trying to introduce touch sensitive fabric. This one is straight out of Google science labs. In layman terms they took fabric and embed capacitive sensors in then to allow you to control things such as the brightness of your lights by sliding your finger up or down a piece of fabric to name a few.

Because this is one of Googles project there is not a whole deep dive of information available on this. We will have to sit back for a little and see what comes out of this.


Day 1 Conclusion:

Google is making some more big strides in the tech world. We have to sit back and relax and go along with their waves and see whats next.

To some these may look like incremental updates or upgrade to stuff, but in the long run it looks like they have a lot of sure winners here


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