Found My Next Camera – The Nikon 1 J5 (Mirrorless)

The Nikon J5 might be just what I’m looking for, or is it?

D40 Years:

For the last 8 years I have been carrying around the Nikon D40 as my primary camera and have come to love the performance and design of Nikon cameras, but over time and all the photos that have taken with the D40 (about 300,000+- photos) I think it’s time to replace this camera with something newer. The Nikon D40 has done its job, it still works fine and shoots perfect pictures when there’s enough light available but with the 6 megapixel sensor it is showing its age now. Editing pictures out of the D40, compared to a newer camera I can clearly see the noise difference now in the higher ISO mode, and don’t even try to crop a picture, it just won’t work.

Nikon D40
My Nikon D40 with a few lens

Overall I still love my D40 dearly, it has travelled to a lot of different countries with me, it has been in everything from the top of the Mayan pyramids to being partially (accidentally) submerged in the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico, to being buried in the sands of the Caribbean.

Lens and Accessories: 

Over the years I have been collecting lens for my camera, both modern and vintage lens.  For the modern lens, I have collected the 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 35mm f1.8, and for the vintage (manual lens) I have the 50mm f2, 35mm f2, 30mm (micro), 100mm f2.

I have also added quite a few pieces of accessories over time also. Such as a vertical grip that would hold additional batteries to allow extended shooting, a few Nikon Strobes to name a few.

In comes the J5


Why a Mirrorless: 

I’ve asked myself over and over again, “why do you want to replace the working D40 you currently have?”, the answer to that question is, I really don’t want to but time is catching up with the technology and I think I have outgrown the camera and I am looking for a little more from my camera.

The real reason behind getting a new camera is, getting older I hate carrying around a bulky DSLR to places I would not like to be seen with a big camera to get some great shots, I really want to have something smaller that I can toss into my backpack without feeling the extra weight.

Just look at the Nikon J5 – This little thing packs some power in that tiny package.

Pro Photographers Use the J5 too, Have a look:


There is so many options for the J5, which one should I get? Why should I get that one?

The Nikon 1- J5 comes with the options of a One Lens Kit , Two Lens Zoom Kit and an All In One Lens Kit. With all these options it’s so hard to choose, but also with these options it is much easier to choose for me because Nikon offers something significant that can be purchased as an aside that will make this camera very powerful.

This accessory is called the Nikon FT-1 Mount adapter.

Nikon FT-1 Adapter
Nikon FT-1 Adapter

This powerful accessory makes the decision so much easier because it will allow me to use all of my older lens that I currently use with my Nikon D40 on the Nikon J5. The adapter allows you to convert the DSLR mount to a Mirrorless mount that will allow you to use the full capabilities of the older lens, including Auto Focus (AF) and Metering etc.

Because of this little adapter, I can choose the entry-level One Lens Kit with the 10-30mm lens, then get the adapter to use my 18-55mm & 55-200mm with this tiny mirrorless camera.

Sample 4K video from J5


So after months and months considering everything from a Sony-A series to a Fuji mirrorless, I have decided that the Nikon-1 J5 is the perfect little camera for me.

Given all options available the entry-level price of less than an MSRP of $500 it is a no brainer for a Nikon user to get. Couple with the accessories, it’s a buy in my book.

Looks like I will be saving for a new birthday gift or maybe a Christmas gift for myself here.

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