F1- Next Race Prediction

“Sebastian Vettel scored his and Ferrari’s first win since 2013 on Sunday, as a superb strategic drive for his new team helped him defeat pre-race favourites Mercedes in the 2015 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix” – As stated on the F1 Website

The first two races of the season is over and done with, but from the recent results it looks like this will be one amazing season for the F1 fans. Looks like Ferrari is back with a bang this year, over the past few years they have been getting hit hard with the likes of Mercedes, Williams and RedBull. But with the newly redesigned chassis for 2015, it looks like they are ready to get back in the game. So far we can see from the last race in Malaysia, it looks like it’s both a new beginning for Ferrari and Vettel for piloting that new car to the top podium.

So what about the rest of the field, not to be outdone Lewis Hamilton has already proved that he is not going to take this season sitting still, while Nico his team-mate is also bring the fire to his ass by making sure he’s on the podium for the first race of the season. Mercedes chassis looks to be on par with the Ferrari this year so it looks like for the rest of this season it will come down to a matter of strategy. From the last race, it looks like Mercedes was a little cocky thinking that they already secured a top spot for the first race of the season, so it will take some time and sit back while sorting their strategy out. Looks like they were wrong and while they lapse, Ferrari decided to eat their lunch, so to speak.

Moving on to the next race in Shanghai,Shanghai we will be in for a thrilling ride as fans since Ferrari will look to the top spot on the podium while Mercedes will not make it easy for them to take that spot. Now that Ferrari has secured its first top podium spot, Mercedes will be on their “A” game going forward. Now they will not leave anything to chance, all looses ends will be tied up to make sure that they bring it to Ferrari.

My prediction for the next race, Mercedes will take the top two podium and Ferrari will secure the third.

2015 Constructor Standings.

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  2. That’s an awesome idea. We don’t have enough females covering sports these days. It would be nice to see that happen.

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