Colour E-Ink Pebble with Timeline

                        Pebble Time

Pebble Time

Update: A mere 2 hours after going live on Kickstarter, Pebble has broken the $2 million mark. 

As a Pebble Smartwatch user, I was excited to see what Pebble has to offer this time around. As 10am rolled around and the refresh button was clicked on the Pebble website and the page refreshed. There you can see in the upper right side of the screen peeking out was a new coloured E-Ink screen Pebble smart watch. 

With this edition, Pebble went back to their roots and launched a Kickstarter campaign again to get funding for the new colour screen smartwatch. As before it is staying true to the 7 days of battery life. 


Physically it is redesigned with a much cleaner interface and looks. On the backside it is slightly curved to fit the wrist a little better along with a new white colour option. The traditional black and red watches are still available also.  This time around though Pebble went with an all stainless steel bezel in the three mentioned colours. The new device is said to be some 20% thinner than the previous models at just 9.5mm thick.

 It also sports a nifty new feature which is a built in microphone that will allow you to respond to text messages and calls etc with your voice. 

Pebble now offer a slew of new 22mm watch bands, but still ships with the standard black, red or matching white bands. All other bands can be bought separately. Also new is the redesigned quick release pin for the bands which will allow you to swap bands in under 10 seconds.

Also as usual Pebble is still water resistant and you can now add special engraving to personalize your Pebble. 

What else is new?

Now with this new update to the device comes a new operating system. The new system boasts what is called Pebble Time – Timeline. 

Pebble Timeline

The Pebble team said that the new Timeline feature will also be supported on the existing Pebble and Pebble Steel smartwatch in the coming months. 

The new Timeline feature will work with iOS 8 or above on iPhone 4S and above. It also work with Andriod 4.0+ devices. 

Three Colours

Source : Pebble Timeline Kickstarter

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