Christmas week rides – 2017 – Good To Be Back

via IFTTT After being out for the better part of 3 months.
Decided to plunge right back into the group #cycling world.
Did two solo rides and 3 group rides with the biggest being the weekly Davids world cycle Sunday group ride.
Over the past three months, I’ve learned that it takes time to heal. When I say heal, I would mean both physically and mentally. When you’re out for an extended period of time like I was, it takes a lot to not just go out and try and try over and over to see if you are healed or not.
For the first month, I would go out at least once per week to see if I was at least a little healed, only to find out that guess what, I was not! Each time I would go out I would end up adding to the existing damages that was already done to my knees (read IT Band). That said, after a few times going out with no luck I decided that it is time to just take the time and sit back to learn from my mistakes and take the time off as prescribed.
As a diabetic, it was hard to sit back and not exercise since I totally depend on exercise to get my blood glucose levels down. To add some insult to injury, vacation was scheduled to happen at the same time was I was down. With all of this together, this was a bad combination, but I held fast and took the two months off and not go out on the bike. Instead, short walks and some treadmill time helped along the way
Now after three months off the bike, getting back on was a definite pain in the ass rather that in the knees now. It took a few weeks for the legs to get caught up with what was going on. It’s way less pain in the knees now, I could make it past 30 miles with less pain than in the previous three months and this was a good thing.
Now this the week of Christmas I decided to dive head first and get back into the game of cycling with friends and group rides.
After todays ride, I can definitely say that the legs are caught up and I’m on the way back to recovery.
Now I just need to get a proper bike fit which has already been scheduled and I should be ready to conquer the world on two wheels again.
I have to say a big thanks to my wife for putting up with me all the weeks I was home nagging the shit out of her because I can’t go out riding.
Also big shoutout to my riding buddies especially Gig, Paul, Luis and Alejandro for pushing me to go out and ride again and pushing the legs.
Well I’m Back! Can’t say better than ever but I’m back…

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