How Apple Secure Enclave Works – via Register

Ever wondered how Apple or other big name mobile device manufacturers keep your fingerprint data or other biometric data safe?

Read the article listed below for a better idea on how the secure enclave works.

What code is running on Apple’s Secure Enclave security chip? Now we have a decryption key… – The Register

Chrome… what? Time For A Change

Chromebook, yup that operating system that’s basically a browser where you can do almost everything you can with a regular old fashioned computer. And I find myself drawn to using it more and more these days.

We recently bought our daughter her first computer and it was an Acer chromebook ultra portable computer. We choose this computer as her first because of the ease of use of Chrome OS. Basically she log in with her Google account and everything is there in an instant ready to go. 

That said, I’ve found myself reaching over and grabbing this device over my older MacBook Pro these days more and more. I’ve also noticed that my wife who almost never use a computer unless she has to do actual work for her job and mostly live on iOS, has also been reaching out and using this device more and more too. I think this is a win for the Chrome OS.

We have been using this Acer chromebook for a few months now and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do casual work and browsing etc.
I would still recommend another computer with more horsepower around the house for the heavy lifting for things such as photo and video editing etc.

But if you are looking for a couch computer or a computer to throw in your backpack, give chrome os a try.