Change your VPN now if it doesn’t have these 8 essential features – via Johnny B Tech

Here is a great article on what to look for when selecting a great Virtual Private Network (vpn) service.

I have personally been using a VPN service for more than 3 years and I never go online on a random WiFi unless I have my VPN active.

FYI- if you’re looking to get around firewall blocks and website filters when you’re on a public WiFi or business WiFi then a VPN is what you need.

Continue on to the following article to see what to look for when choosing a good vpn.

Be Vigilant With Your Accounts – My PSA

As technology grows, more and more we see the bad guys come out to try to take advantage on the ones that cannot grow fast enough with the tech or who choose to move forward at a less fast pace.

Recently I’ve noticed that more and more, we are seeing emails show up in our inbox (email or instant messages etc) that looks like an official email from a service that we use.

No one is immune to these emails or pop up we receive, but we can and should take the time to scrutinise every piece of electronic mail we receive to make sure that we are not being preyed upon.

I have recently received emails that look like it’s an official email from the Apple company (which is what I’ll be using as an example); but similar emails can be found coming from all other companies such as Google if you use their services or maybe yahoo (who actually uses that anymore?). That said, please take some time to check each piece of email you receive.


Above you can see an email I received a few weeks ago and you’ll also notice I’ve highlighted a few things on this email that you can look for when going over them with a fine tooth comb.


I decided to click the link to find out where it would take me, after clicking the link we can see from the next screenshot it took me to a webpage that looks like that of the Apple Website, but upon a closer look we can see that the URL (the web address circled in red) is nowhere near what looks like. So this would be a tell-tale sign that this might be a scam.


TL;DR – If you receive an email from any of the services that you use that ask for your username and password. Be leery about the links, don’t click the link or enter your personal information into any field.

If you can, manually go to the company website that might look fake and log in there.

The ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme’s Photographer Explains All – via WIRED

I think by now we have all seen the meme where the boyfriend is distracted by another woman walking by.

If you’re like me, intrigued about the picture, take some time to read the back story behind the now famous picture that is all over the internet.

Follow this link to read the article:

The ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme