Check Out The New F1 Cars 2017 – What’s Your Favourite

Finally a first look at all of the new 2017 Formula 1 cars.
My favourite livery is the Mercedes and Haas for number one and two and at the third is a tie for me with the Ferrari and McLaren.

What’s your favourite?

Check out the video below.

No Shake – Only Food!

So what do you consume after workout? What kind of shake do you drink and how much?

This has been the question I’ve been asked over the past few months a lot, by friends and family. The reason for the question is because I tend to put in a lot of miles on my bicycle towards the end of the week and need to replenish what was lost in the rides.

By American standards it has become a norm for anyone that is exercising quite often and needs to replenish nutrients in their muscles, drinking a shake after the workout is approach taken. As much as this is now the norm, I personally has opted for a different approach to replenishing my body with the nutrients.

Plate of Eggs, Toast, Sausage and Coffee
Plate of Eggs, Toast, Sausage and Coffee

Instead of drinking a shake, I make myself a big fat breakfast/lunch/early dinner, after workouts I whip up a batch of eggs (scrambled mostly), add some cheese on there, a few slices of toast and some sausage/bacon (turkey/chicken or beef). Cycling in my teen years in a 3rd world country, we had no other option than to eat a healthy meal to get that strength back and I take the same old school approach in this modern-day. The eggs and the sausage will help replenish my protein, the toast will fill the carbohydrate void and cheese will fill the fat as needed.

Now that said, this is my personal approach to nutrition after workout. I feel this covers everything I need to get my muscles up and going again.

Now I’m not saying that having a shake after a workout is not good, it is if that is what you choose, but I would rather have something that is more filling and would keep me filled for a few hours. For me, having a shake after workout would help but after an hour or few hours I tend to get hungry all over again and I want to fill that void with junk food which is not good.

Also on another personal note, for me being a diabetic I have to watch what I consume so I do not raise my blood glucose levels, I know there are shakes out there that is just fine for us diabetics but I’ve tried all of these different food combinations and found this is what works for me.

Theres a lot of options out there, choose wisely and choose what you think is best for your body.



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