The Hottest Android Phone On The Market – No It’s Not A Samsung Device

I’ve been getting a few questions lately on what options are available to the Samsung Note 7 owners who will be or has already returned their devices for a full refund. Like most Note 7 owners, they’re all returning customer who has bought Samsung devices for years but now they need to find a new device.

I’ve been recommending that they either go down to the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge if they wanted to stay Samsung, or the LG V20 if they would like to try another brand.

As of today, all of that has changed, I am now recommending a new device and when I say new its brand new on the market, this device was released to the public today and it comes in two flavor both a small 4″ and a lager 5″ model.

These are the Google Pixel phones, they’re both the same device internally, only thing different are they screen sizes. Check out the video below by the Verge to get a visual look at both of these devices or read the review here.