Rant: Stop It!

Here’s my most recent rant:

Anyone that’s a user of Facebook or most of other social media has sooner or later come across some sensational headline that grabs your attention and you go “I have to see this story”, only to click the link to find at the end of the first paragraph there’s a big “NEXT” or “NEXT PAGE” button. Then you click it and click the next one and turbine after and next thing you know, you’re clicking 20 times to read a single story. 

Picture Of Man Holding Employee Face to Monitor saying Stop It
Stop It

As much as these websites need to make money, please stop this crap, people who visit your site to read a story don’t have all day to click the stupid next button so many times to read a damn article which sometimes just suck anyway. If you need clicks that had to show adverts then you don’t need to be running a site. 

 Now I used to feel bad that I block the ads on most sites because some of these sites really need the ads to stay afloat, by then I hit one of these “click next” sites and that feeling immediately goes out the door. I no longer feel bad for blocking ads and I will continue to do so. I also will not revisit a site if the first time I find one of those “NEXT” button. 

So please stop this shit! 

Thank you, 

The internet.

Should I Do It? 

Over the last few months I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube (sub channel) channel about how I control my Diabetes using only Diet and Exercise (cycling). 

I’ve been thinking about it because more and more as of recently I’ve been getting questions from family, friends and strangers about how I go about keeping my blood sugar low (for the most part). 

So the question now is, should I do it or not? 

I don’t know if I can make that much content or record that many to post videos maybe about once per week. 

Please leave a comment whit suggestions. 

Old Habits – New LED

Trying to go greener is something we all should strive for, wherever we can we should cut down on energy use. 

CFL vs LEDOne of the ways we are doing this is by using LED lightbulbs in our home vs regular CFL or Incandescent bulbs. 

That said it’s funny how our old habits never die and in this car it’s a good thing. Before when we used CFL bulbs I would urge everyone in the house to turn the lights off if you leave a room to save on energy. 

Even now using LED bulb, it would cost the total amount of energy used to run a single Incandecent bulb for a year what it now cost less than that to run all of the 6 LED bulb in a single bathroom. But as old habit, I still holler and scream for everyone to turn the lights off when they leave a room. 
Yes it’s a good thing. 

The Race Is On Now #F1

After a first race upset in Australia to the Mercedes team by Ferrari I think China is going to be a very exciting second race, Mercedes will bring the race back to Ferrari this weekend knowing that Vettal is in top form and the Ferrari chassis is also in top performance mode. 

After this second race in China we can now start betting on which of the teams will bring home the constructors championship this year. 

As much as I personally love the Mercedes team and drivers, I would love to see Kimi and Ferrari stand on the podium more this year. 

But, there’s also Redbull with Max and Ricardo as the underdog, we can see some awesome racing this season. 

Guess we now wait for the race this week to see what’s next.