A Day Of Mixed Emotions

Waking up today with mixed emotions in our little household, on one hand we are happy to receive a text from friend with happy news of holidays but for both the wife and I we are sad to know that a really good friend and person we shared good times with will cease to exist by the end of the day today.

Knowing that our friend has enjoyed life to the fullest still does not change the fact that we as going to loose her to an awful disease.


Picture of Dinna and Sara
Dinna and Sara

Life as we learn is very delicate, one minute you’re here the next minute you have no idea what’s next. Don’t hold back on anything you have to say or anything you want to do if that is in your power, this is what we learn from life.

We will all miss you dear friend, we had some heartfelt full bellied laughs, sad at times and we enjoyed food, we loved food (which you made or at a local restaurant) which is the universal language we all speak. It doesn’t matter where you’re from we all loved and shared the love of food.


A fun dinner at Joes Crab Shop
A fun dinner at Joes Crab Shop


Until we meet again!

A Long, Awesome Day…

Had a blast today with the little family. Woke up early as usual to get my morning ride in, did a very tight 34 miles before coming home to shower and head out again. But first, the wife picked up a nice 3″ screw in the rear wheel of her Lexus and my good ol Pontiac had a blown trafficator which had to be changed out so got the wheel plugged and bulb replaced.


Then we were off to the Orlando Science Centre, been promising the little lady a day at the Science Centre for a while but never got around to it. After meeting with her school teacher this past Friday and getting a nice report card with all A on there, we decided as a treat we will have her spend the day there.

So after ride, fixing cars we were off to the Science Centre, I have to admit, I think I had as much fun as she did at that place. It is awesome to see all the great stuff in there that you could do and interact with and awesome answering questions from her about such things as how, electromagnets or electrical charge works. More on Kinetic energy, and of course the dinosaurs.

Topped the day off with an awesome evening with a quick dinner at a local hole in the all spot called King Bao. Look here if you wanna know what a Bao is.

Now its time for a nice cup of coffee to cap the night off then off to bed, thinking of joining a local group ride in the morning.


An excellent day overall today.


How You Know You Made It In Marriage

Here’s how you know you’ve made it in life and marriage when one of you have a chronic disease. 

Life is good! Can’t complain, at least I know someone is looking out for me. 

Blueberry muffin 

Saraphina off to picking blueberries at a farm. 

You’re A Shady Person 

When your sun is setting, never try to outrun your shadows. Always set the pace.

Never Try To Outrun Your Shadow