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So Saraphina love to doodle daily, and s

So Saraphina love to doodle daily, and she’s getting really good at it. But…. she is going through so many sketch books really fast and as such we are looking for a digital replacement to a physical sketch pad.

In comes:

I have been looking at the “Pencil Digital stylus for iPad” for her, the specifications on this little bad boy is amazing.


Any other ideas on a digital replacement is always welcomed.

Up your……

When you hear someone say, there’s a site for everything.  I guess you can say they are totally correct.

This site showed up today in my RSS feed, and I couldn’t help it. I just had to share the weird thing people put up their……



The Site Where Doctors Share X-Rays of Weird Things in People’s Butts.




What happened to Ebola?

United States Of America and The United States national media syndications made a big hard push and in my opinion a scare tactic for what was at the time a world wide epidemic that is the Ebola Virus outbreak.

All of the major news outlets made it look like all of America should hunker down because it looks like this might be the big one that will take out half the nation.

Now about six months later, where are all the cases of Ebola and all the patients there were being monitored etc? What happened to all of this?
To me it feels like the media was trying to steer us In the direction they wanted as such they sensationalise all of these stories that is presented to us and try to manipulate the American society.

Why is there not any more coverage on this topic?
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1 new photos on my Flickr!

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