Two Weeks Without Facebook App

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve removed the FB app from my phone & only access it on iPad or Computer a few times per day. Gotta say I don’t miss it at all.

Matter of fact, I kind of feel like I got some time back during my day not having to check it often because it’s not on my phone and do take some work to get on a Mac or iPad to check it. Apart from saving the time I have also saved a lot of data on my device along the way.

Someone who uses about 10-15 gigabytes of data each month, I can clearly see a sharp drop in the data being used over the past two weeks.

Now let’s see how long I can keep the Facebook app off my iPhone going forward. Let’s hear if anyone else have the same views.

Cycling Clearwater Beach-Pinellas Trail area

via IFTTT Took an early morning cycle ride down to Clearwater beach Florida up to Indian river rocks beach then to Pinellas trail back home.
A total of around 30 miles

Disney Pullout Game Is Weak

I'm going to call this today, Disney decided that by 2019 it will pull out from Netflix all of the Disney movies in favour of steaming them on their own service.
This is because Disney decided to purchase and start their own steaming service for a few billion dollars.

Today I'm saying that by the year 2021, Disney streaming services would be on the way out because of low volume of subscribers.

Tour De Cure 2017 – Cycling

via IFTTT A short video created my the iPhone on this year 2017 tour de cure