Check Out The New F1 Cars 2017 – What’s Your Favourite

Finally a first look at all of the new 2017 Formula 1 cars.
My favourite livery is the Mercedes and Haas for number one and two and at the third is a tie for me with the Ferrari and McLaren.

What’s your favourite?

Check out the video below.

Rant: Adults Listen Up


Adults, listen up! I see posts daily now from friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks referring to your group of friends as “Squad”.

Stop it! You don’t have a squad, you have friends, a small group or a large group, they are friends.

Please stop referring to your friends as “the squad” and your so called “hashtag- squad goals”.
Just for reference here what Google define a squad as:




a small group of people having a particular task.

“an assassination squad”

synonyms: team, crew, gang, band, cell, body, mob, outfit, force

“an assassination squad”

a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon.

synonyms: detachment, detail, unit, platoon, battery, troop, patrol, squadron, cadre, commando, tiger team

“an elite reconnaissance squad”

a group of sports players or competitors from which a team is chosen.

“eleven first-string players on the Nebraska squad”

So unless your friends have a goal to a particular task given to you, you are known as friends.


p dir=”ltr”>End of rant, thanks for participating.

I wish all cars came equipped with a HUD like my 16yr old car. Love having the info projected on my windscreen.