How Weight Loss Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – TIME

As I am living proof, I won’t say my diabetes is cured but it is reversed and I’ve been spreading the word. Consistency in keeping the weight off is key.

Keeping an eye on what is consumed and also exercising a lot has helped in this. My form of exercise is cycling. I have gone to the extreme covering about 130-200 miles per week, but with just a few miles walking or cycling daily anyone can overcome the beast that is diabetes.

Read more about this in the Times post below:

Looks Like I Was Already On The Right Path

From the article linked above, we can see that new studies suggest that eggs are one of the best options for a quick snack or meal.

Now I don’t feel as bad with my regualr 1-2 dozen egg intake per week. For me I personally consumed that much eggs to replace the protein in my muscles because of the vast amount of exercise I do weekly.