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Recently mirror-less cameras are starting to take the place of big DSLR cameras. Rather than carrying around a big bulky DSLR camera, more and more photographers are opting to carry something smaller and lighter that would perform in the same way a bigger DSLR would.
But theres always more room for improvement in the camera world since the introduction of the point and shoot camera down to the phone with a camera. Now with more people ditching the traditional point and shoot that they carry with them in favour of the camera phone. We are now seeing a shift in the photography industry, starting with Sony. To stay relevant the camera companies have to reinvent the wheel and look at the way people are now taking pictures. The point and shoot market is almost dead because of the quality of the photos produced by the camera inside of a phone has caught up with the them.

The approach now is slightly different, what if you can take the power of a mirror-less camera and attach that camera to your cellphone. Over riding the internal camera with something that is vastly better? Well, this is the aim of the new clip on camera industry. It is a simple idea, make a camera that looks like just a lens that clip on to the users phone which would take the place of a traditional camera body.

Take for instance the Olympus Air as shown in the image below. This a brand new release from an old photography company who is keeping up with the shift in the industry. This is a brilliant concept and design, it looks like a lens for a DSLR/Mirror-less camera but is actually a full blown camera system.

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This isn’t the first of its kind, the electronics manufacturer Sony has done this for some time with their QX series lens as seen below. Of course there are some growing pains in this industry since it is a small niche market for this kind photography accessory. As for example the first versions with these kind of lens/camera combo was the slow focusing and shutter speed since the image seen on the camera/lens is being transferred to the user via wifi to the user.

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From the first of these types of camera introduced a few years back to the new Olympus now, it has made tremendous strides in the right direction. Some has worked out most of the kinks in their device and has sold quite a number of these cameras.
I have seen a few of these camera in the wild while out an about, right here in the USA and abroad, so this must mean that the concept is catching only. It might be slow to catch on but at lease we are moving in the right direction.

Check out the video here for an example of how this camera could be used on a day to day basis.

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