Brave souls enter isolation dome to begin simulation of life on Mars

From this story listed below I do think that this is th start of something bigger for the sake of mankind survival. What we learn here can mean the survival of the human race going forward should we need to find somewhere else to live. 


Six smiling people entered a dome on a barren Hawaiian volcano on Friday afternoon, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll still be smiling after a year of isolation to simulate life on Mars.

The HI-SEAS IV is the longest mission yet to simulate long-duration space exploration. University of Hawaii Manoa researchers will be monitoring the group’s cohesion in the NASA-funded study.

.@HI_SEAS crew members were all smiles before entering the dome this afternoon. See you all in a year! #NASA #space

— University of Hawaii (@UHawaiiNews) August 29, 2015 Read more…

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