Big Name Battle- We Loose

I’ve flipped and flopped over the years when it comes to owning computers. Stated as a Microsoft Windows user, then off to Linux for a few years and now all in on Apple hardware and software.

I’ve been told over and over again, forget the Apple TV as a streaming box, get a Roku streaming box, no wait, get an Amazon Fire Stick. So up comes Cyber Monday, we got the Home a FireStick from Amazon as a streaming box for the Guest room TV.

Fast forward one week later and two of the biggest software/hardware companies are battling over who needs to be more dominant.

That said Google decided to pull it’s YouTube application from all of Amazons streaming devices. With that, one of the applications that is most used in our house, gone!

Now what am I supposed to do? Guess it’s back to drawing board, maybe back to another Apple TV box.

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