Apples that don’t turn brown when you cut it- Nope!

Would you eat an Apple that would not turn brown if you should cut it and left outside for a few hours?

Nope! Me neither.

I think the genetic engineers are pushing the boundaries of food modification in the western hemisphere a little too far.
To think that we can have a hamburger from a big name company that would not rot for months at a time, or that french fry that missed the biggest hole in your face while you we were driving and fell under your seat. Then two years down the line you happen to clean that car and that fry still looks like it did the day it fell there.

I think all the genetic modifications are starting to add up and we can see the effects on the human body now with all the toxins in their causing obesity.

Think about this, what if all the modifications and preservatives that is added to food we consume on a daily basis. What happens when our bodies try to break the preservatives down in the digestive process then absorbs them into our blood streams? When we are laid to rest do you think the decay process is the same as it was three decades ago? The answer in short is no, because the deceased laid to rest with the preservatives in the body takes longer to decay than the more organic ones.

Think twice about eating out daily, make it a weekly thing or a bi-weekly thing. Eat out once per month, save some money, cook fresh. 

Read more about this via New frontier in apples: Red or golden but never brown –

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  1. I’m not sure I understand – a non-browning apple is a wonderful innovation. We waste so much food in this country, and here we have a relatively healthy food that can be maintained for longer periods of time – I think it’s great. Your analogy to rotting meat isn’t correct – apple browning of the kind fixed by arctic apples isn’t due to rotting, it’s due to the release of chemicals in the apple by cutting or bruising. The arctic apple does not produce the browning chemical. Nothing has been added to these apples at all – the apple simply produces less of the enzymes that turn it brown. Your implication that the apples contribute to problems in the body is also incorrect, as the apples are just like any other apple minus a family of chemicals that turn it brown. Even the photo you have attached to the post is misleading – no scientist injects anything into arctic apples.

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