Apple Watch – My Take on the subject

The answer is, yes! I will get one

Apple Watch

So I’ve been asked all day long, what do you think of the Apple Watch? In short the answer is, it really doesn’t matter. There is no simple answer to this question. In short if you are in the Apple universe it is a no brainer because you can not use the Apple watch with other phone devices.

For me, as a consumer I am heavily vested in what is called by some “the walled garden”, this is where everything is nice in here for the user its zen like but there are walls built up around the garden. When in there, everything works just the way it should and you’re shielded by everything else outside. Thus our garden is everything hardware made by Apple and they all work seamlessly together (most of the times). So as such its natural that I would gravitate to this product.

Personally I am a fan of a third-party (competitor) to the Apple Watch which is the Pebble, and this can be seen as a gateway drug to something else. As much as I would like to go on to get the second generation of the Pebble Steel Time smart watch odds are I will more than likely skip it to get the Apple watch instead.

Why not get the Pebble or Android wear?

What it comes down to is the integration, no matter how much the Pebble company try to get their device to work with the iOS platform, they are not allowed to use all of the API that Apple will be able to use to make everything work seamlessly. Same goes for Android wear, it just won’t work the same, also it comes down to price point. The Pebble Steel Time, will retail for $250 which is almost the price point of most relative Android wear device.

Pebble Steel TimeWith apple being a premium product, I would not mind paying an extra $100 (known as Apple Tax) to get something that in my opinion looks better and will work better with my Apple eco system.

So in closing, the answer to everyone’s question to me asking if they should get the Apple watch. The answer is, if you are heavily into Apple Eco system (phone and portable compuTizen Smartwatchter or tablet) yes! get it.

If you have a mixed bag, maybe an iPhone but a PC and Android tablet, or any other combination there of, I would recommend you look at the Pebble Steel Time or maybe Tizen based or some Android wear smart watch.

Notable mention: Microsoft Smart Band – Not a watch by a very nice product, design is lacking.

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