Adobe Lightroom for iOS goes Free

Back in the day

Adobe introduced Lightroom for iOS back in 2014 and it has been a hit ever since, the die-hard Lightroom users like myself has stuck by this piece of software for years. But then came the Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC which is subscription based and will allow you to sync your photos and edits via the Adobe cloud to all of your devices.

Some like me who would rather use a dedicated standalone application vs subscribing to a cloud service has held off ever since on upgrading and using the subscription based Adobe products.

Picture showing Adobe Lightroom on iOS
Adobe Lightroom on iOS


Now it looks like Adobe has taken the hint that not everyone like the subscription based services so today they announced that the Lightroom Application for iOS is completely free to use but if you’d like to have your photos in the cloud and have edits synced from your Mac or Windows OS to the hand-held devices you can still go though the Creative Cloud.

This is big for some users like myself because I have recently decided to shy away from the Adobe suites in favor of the Apple Photos application which now allow third-party extensions that will allow you to do pretty much the same things as can be done in Adobe Lightroom.

I am currently downloading and testing this standalone application on iOS, stay tuned for further review.


While you wait follow the link below for a full description from a third-party blog.


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