A free and Unlimited VPN With No Registration – Betternet

I have posted before about VPN and why I love using a VPN, if you missed it you can find that post here.

I have used and paid for a VPN connection for a few years now, but If you are like me and would like to test the VPN waters without paid account to see if it is something that you might need before you commit to it, well you are in luck. 

In comes Betternet VPN service that is free of charge and simple to use and no registration required. Like me most of you will ask, well how the heck will they make money to pay for all of this? Well, fear not, they are paid for by small ads that is posted to the application, this is what makes it free to the users, it is paid for by the advertisers.

Check out the article posted in the link below to read more and sign up for an account.

Windows/iOS/Android/Chrome/Firefox: A good VPN is a handy tool. A free, unlimited one is even better. Betternet aims to make using a VPN (as well as my wordplay) dead simple.

Source: Betternet is a Free, Unlimited VPN With No Registration

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