3 Days, 3 Different People – Same Comment, Change Of Response?

Over the past three days I’ve gotten the same comment from three different people. All of the comments are from friends from both in and out of work and I’m starting to wonder now if I’ve taken it too far now.

Oh the comment, “Damn! you’re disappearing, are you ok? Or sick?”. That is the comment I got from three different people, and its the same comment too.

So how do I respond to that? Well all the three know that I’ve been living with a degenerative disease for the past year, two of the three known me when I was 200 or so pound heave. They all know that I’ve put in a lot of miles on my bicycle over the past year to drop my weight down to a manageable amount (51 lbs down so far) which help with controlling the disease; But the question in my head now is, have I gone too far?


The problem with this is, now I’ve lost that much, I’m not striving to lose more but with the change in diet and the exercise I do it just happens and it’s part of the way things will happen.

So to answer the question: Yes! I do have a sickness that I live with, and no I will not disappear because I’m not a magician. I will continue to exercise like I need to and eat like I need to, “Such is life, shit happens”.

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