2001 Grand Prix- AC Blower and Centre Info screen Dimming

NOTE: This worked for me, it might not work the same way for everyone. Take your time when working on your vehicle and follow instructions listed. I assume no responsibility for any damage done during the process. 

Instructions contained in this article is for the issue of intermittent AC Blower going out and Dimming of centre information screen on 2001 Grand Prix.

The Car:

The car in question here is my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L. Recently while driving I noticed that the instrument panel on the dash would dim and turn it self back on to regular brightness. It started doing this every other day or so, but after a week or so, it started happening more frequently. More so when if I would turn the air conditioner up from speed 1 to speed 2+ it would cut out my display panel more frequently. Towards the end of the last day of the issue, the fan control from 1-4 would not turn on, but turning it to 5 would turn the blower on at full blast.

After happening for about two weeks or so, finally after work one afternoon on my way home it completely cut out. I also at that point realise that it was not only the instrument info panel that would go out, but each time it would cut out it would actually take my Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with it. Each time the AC Fan would cut out completely and stop blowing plus the instrument panel and info panel would cut out.

With the help of the internet and a few hours or what felt like days of searching, I finally narrowed the issue down to a faulty ignition switch. Looks like General Motors (GM) decided that it would be best to route all of the electrical system through the ignition. So as such when the ignition switch failed, it would only allow the pass through of electricity to the main components that drive the car, so anything else that would need power would shut off temporarily if the car needs that extra power and this includes the Air Condition system blower.

Reason for Post:

Like me, I am sure there are lots of others with this about 15-year-old car that would like to keep it running a little longer, and as such they are experiencing the same issues with the electrical system. Also again like me, after much searching I could not find any instructions (looked for videos on YouTube) on how to fix this issue.

After a long few hours of searching, I finally found a breakthrough in the form of a blog post from someone named Sparky who gave detailed instructions on how to take apart and replace the broken ignition switch. (I will post a link to his article below)

After looking around at different shops and dealership etc for an estimate, I came up with a total of around $250 – $500 to get the issue diagnosed and fixed. Again after much looking around on the internet, I found a new Ignition switch system on Amazon for a mere $65, so I decided, why not, give it a try whats there to lose.

Answering my own question, there was a lot. For instance if I screwed this up, it would me that my car would be security locked for starters, so I would need new keys. Then it would also mean that if I screw this up, I would have a car sitting in my garage that I can now no longer start to drive anywhere for it to be fixed.

With all of this in mind, I decided to go ahead with the removal and reinstall of the part.

I took the time to follow the instructions in every detail. I made sure I had ample time so I would not have to rush through this and also took the time to document every part removed for reinstall.

Many thanks go out to whoever Mr Sparky is, for creating detailed instructions for the take apart and repair of this part.

Please see his post in the Link Here 

And also please support him monetarily if it is possible

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