A solar panel on every roof in the US? Here are the numbers | Ars Technica

Estimate shows rooftop solar could produce almost 40 percent of our electricity.

And we should start working on making solar panels cheaper now and offer incentive so more people can get them.

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My Theory About Gun Laws In The Future (Personal Opinion)

I’ve personally try to stay away from the online debate about gun ownership and gun control laws in the USA because these days this is a hot debate about mental illness vs stricter gun control laws. That said, as a gun owner I am glad to have had the freedom to purchase a firearm, at the same time I would love to see better gun laws in effect.

Now with all that said, my theory is, right now the politicians are not going to do anything about the current gun laws etc, but in the near future it will all change for the better. Meaning they’re is going to be stricter gun control whether we like it or not.
Why do i think so? Well lets think about it, the millennial are the ones currently caught in the middle of all this debate, but the generation that is now growing up (my and your kids) are the ones being affected. Right now we have the baby boomers and the older generation running this great country, but in the near future they won’t be the ones making and enforcing the laws anymore. The kids currently being affected are the ones who will be making these laws, as such, they will remember everything bad they know about guns growing up,

Seeing all the bad things daily on the news outlet, online via Twitter or Facebook etc, this is going to effect the gun laws in a positive way where they will be making and enforcing the laws needed to control guns.

As it stands right now, we are caught in a limbo between the two sides, that of freedom of gun ownership and stricter gun laws.

Again this is my opinion and theory of what will happen as we go into the future.

Aruba – Cruise 2017

via IFTTT Another excellent day out exploring the island of Aruba with the family then exploring the port city for local food after.

How Much Do You Need to Save to Retire on Time and Send Your Kids to College? – via Montley Fool

How Much Do You Need to Save to Retire on Time and Send Your Kids to College?

Looking a this we can see why we need to make sure we are all maxing out that 401k and that college funds.

Make the sacrifice now so when that time rolls around you can live comfortably.

Take some time out to read the article listed below to get a better idea.


Adventure Cycling in Sanford

via IFTTT The Good, Bad & Ugly crew rolling through Sanford.